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The Translator Pay
We offer cheaper and faster
money transfer services exclusively
for the translation industry. Find out about
some of the built-in benefits.
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It saves my translation
agency time and money
For small companies like mine, Translator Pay is
the easiest and cheapest way to make cross-border
payments to our freelancers. I save about $60 a
transfer compared to sending via the banks.
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Helping make
business easier
With Translator Pay, I can send
money quickly and securely to over
40 countries from one website,
saving me time and money.
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Do business globally – get
paid locally!
Translator Pay is a global payment
system designed exclusively for
translators. It makes working in the
global economy easy and inexpensive.
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As a freelance translator, I
get paid the full amount in
my own currency!
With Translator Pay I get paid with
no bank fees or forex charges. The
full amount I earn goes straight to
my bank account - with no deductions!
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Language Service Providers
Translator Pay makes foreign
currency payments to translators
simple and inexpensive. It's free
to join and you'll be ready to send
money in just a few minutes.
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Translator Pay makes sure you
get paid in your own currency with
no bank fees. It’s free to join
and registering is quick and easy.
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Top reasons to use Translator Pay
Whether you want to send or
receive money around the world,
there are a lot of good reasons
to use Translator Pay.
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